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Personalized Steins

Need beer steins or mugs Custom Made for your organization or event?

We can help.

- At SteinCenter.com we have unique relationships with quality beer stein and beer mug manufacturers and we are experienced in helping you design the perfect custom made beer steins or beer mugs.

Beer steins and beer mugs are perfect for:
- Company or Corporate promotions, or rewards
- Military memorabilia and recognition.
- Event promotions and sales (fests).
- Bars or restaurants.

Beer steins and/or beer mugs can be designed with any logos or graphics and your unique text. Lids may also be designed with your unique finial, or porcelain inserts.

The steins or mugs can be produced in traditional fired clay, high quality porcelain, or glass with etching.

They can also be produced with or without lids and we offer a variety of stein lid choices ( all in high quality pewter).

Beer steins and beer mugs are generally available in 1/2, 3/4, and 1 liter steins.

We do not personalize single stein or mug orders.
Personalized (custom made) steins have minimum quantity orders (usually 60) and require up to 10 weeks for design, production, and shipping from Germany.
Please contact us for minimum orders and pricing details.

Things to consider prior to contacting us:

1. What is the projected quantity of steins or mugs?

2.  What is the deadline to have the steins/mugs in your possession?
Consider that our steins are made in Germany and will require pre-production artwork, production time, and shipping from Germany. Expedited shipments will require an additional shipping charge.

3.  What is the artwork that will be applied to the stein / mug? We can provide the artwork specifications or we can produce the artwork to meet the manufacturers needs.

4.  What is your budget per stein / mug?

When you are ready to start the process, just contact us via email, or call us at  1-937-470-5989.

We have provided a few sample pictures below of steins we have made for our stein / mug customers.  Bodies, lids, and designs vary greatly.  Feel free to contact us for design suggestions and advice.


More fest and event steins and mugs examples

Commemorative steins and mugs

Military Organizations and Event steins and mugs

Businesses, Corporations, and Organizations steins and mugs


If you are looking for single gifts, we may already have a beer stein or mug in stock that represents the theme or style for your unique gift. Visit our beer stein catalogs or contact us.

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