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Below are a few samples of the comments we have received from our beer stein customers.


I wanted to send you a picture of my mom getting her mug for Christmas. She really enjoys getting and displaying them. Thanks again for letting me purchase your display mug this year for her Chrismas present.

Hope to see you next year. Best regards,



No worries. Thank you again for the great customer service, and have a wonderful holiday season. You will be getting orders from me again, I can assure you!


Customer Service,

Just received the Deutschland Beer Stein from FedEx today and I am simply amazed. The stein looks awesome, professionally packaged and the shipment was very quick.

Thank you so much Stein Center!,



I received the subject stein and it was in mint condition as advertised. It is now gift wrapped and under my tree (I get started early), and I can't wait until Christmas morning when I can open it and put it on display.

Thank You,



Thank you very much for all your help your reputation for being the best at knowing these things precedes you.




FedEx came by just right now. I received your beautiful train stein. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. I have other steins as well. I like buying & shopping for antiques. I gave up my vacation money to buy some antiques; including this beautiful stein. The value of a good antique never depreciates! I'll never trade or sell any of my antiques (steins included.) I have some beautiful antique glass lamps. I also have antique tables & a beautiful redwood cabinet that is 250 years old. I will let you know when my second order comes by.

Thanks Again,



I was at home recently and was excited to learn from my Dad, that I had received a package from you. Thank you very much for the wedding cup! It is beautiful!! We plan to use it on our wedding day. My fiancée and I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Thank You

S. and T.


Thanks again. The steins are great!! You did a fantastic job and they arrived right on time. I'll be sure to send you some pics.

Thanks AGAIN!!!


Thank you for working with my daughter in regards to the stein. She is happy with the final one and will be giving it to her boyfriend this week-end. I will be using your company again in the future due to you entire attitude of being flexible with your help.


Thanks for all the info you've sent me. Now I have a better outlook on steins, and the one I've purchased from your company. This is, and will continue to be a new hobbie for me. The stein does hold souvevir compassion in my heart......

Thanks Again,


Thank you! It's been a pleasure working with you. I appreciate you guys walking me through this! I'm sure I'll be in contact again!



Thank you very much for your integrity.


I ordered my dad a German stein for his upcoming birthday in September. He is just going to love it. It came quickly, and I just wanted to thank you for the great customer service.



The steins arrived and we are very happy with them.


B. and D.

Dear SteinCenter,

Thank you for you detailed instructions. Sorry to make you work on Sunday. Appreciate your time and patience.

All the best,


Thanks. You have been very honest and helpful.



Thank you for your help with this, its all really interesting. It belongs to a friend of mine who has had it in the family for ever. I appreciate your help on this. I searched everywhere but couldn't find another like it. Then I stumbled onto your site which is brilliant.

Thank you again.


Thank you for your prompt service.


I received my order today and everything looks great! Thank you for your prompt shipment. I will be ordering more shortly.

Thanks again,


Thank you very much. I appreciate you handling this so quickly and efficiently.


You people are amazing! I just placed that order shortly after I got home from work and now that I'm out of the shower, I find that my order has already shipped. I repeat, You people are amazing! I've never had such a quick turn around on an order in my life. Hey, Boss! Give these people a raise!

Thanks for your professionalism.



I just wanted to let you know I received the stein yesterday. It is beatiful. Thanks for getting it to me so fast and in perfect condition. It was well packed! I will definetly keep you guys in my favorites file for the holidays, you earned future buisness from me.

Thanks again,


Received the stein. It is great!

Thank you for a great transaction!


the beautiful stein arrived. I am very pleased. Nice to do business with you!


Thank you for the lovely stein which was shipped so carefully and promptly!


Thanks so much. I received the steins this morning and they're gorgeous.



I wanted to thank you so much for having the stein in stock at the last minute!!! I have been waiting for this stein for a while and felt your company's customer service skills were fabulous!! I went with a different online stein seller who sold a similar stein and ended up with HORRIBLE results!!! After more than two weeks I have still not received theirs and have had no corporation on their part!! This is a very important gift for a special person in my life. Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!


Thanks, I appreciate your courtesy.


Thanks so much for your help. You have been very nice and I appreciate your time so much.

Take Care,



Thanks so much. The gift was very appreciated and I will return to shop at Stein Center in the future. Once again, thanks for "the assistance" and for the beautiful Stein!




Neglected to tell you "Thank You" for prompt shipment of an outstanding stein. He will love it as a Christmas gift. Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

Thanks Again



Would just like to say thanks for your speedy and quality service. Have received the stein weeks before I was even expecting it, well in time for my friends birthday.

Thanks Again


"Very impressed with the service"...


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I received the glass set and will be giving it to her on Friday. Your help in finding it for us is very much appreciated.


Thanks! You guys are on it!


WoW! Thank you for getting back with me in such a timely manner! It's wonderful to see--and experience--such good customer service. Once again, thank you for your time and effort. We will both enjoy the stein!


Wow! Thanks for such a quick response. You have so many amazing steins the hard part now is deciding on which one!


Fest Mug arrived yesterday. It's perfect! Thanks for delivering a great item in a fast time frame!


My order arrived in perfect condition and is soooooo cute.



Whew! Thanks the explanation. Your always prompt response to this customer is greatly appreciated. My son is so thrilled with his five-stein collection from Germany.


Thank you for such a prompt and informative reply. It was very helpful.


Last Friday I received the package, and this Stein looks great too. Thanks very much for all your help.


Thanks so much. The service, products, and friendliness of Steincenter.com have been truly exceptional. My son is thrilled with his five steins, each representing a favorite part of Germany.


I received the shipment today. The steins are great! I appreciate the quick turnaround as I needed them for this weekend. Thanks again, and I look forward to doing business with you all again in the future.


Thank you for your prompt attention to this order placed this afternoon! It is a birthday present for my husband and I am so excited to receive it in time for his birthday Saturday! He is just going to love it! Again, thank you!


Wow - you guys Rock!!! Thanks so much...It arrived today and is just beautiful.


Thank you so very much for your help and quick responses.


Thank you so much for your call. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge with me. The information was big help. If I can return the favor please let me know. Have a great day.



Thank you for all your help earlier when I called about this stein. I have been trying to find out the information you were able to give me in minutes.


Thank you very much for being so nice with your instant reply. There should be more people like you in this world.

Thank You,


Thanks so much for the prompt and courteous replies !


The beer stein arrived today. As always, thanks for the terrific service, the stein is amazing.

Always a pleasure.


Just got my beer stein! Looks better than the picture. Your business is great!

Thank you,


Rest assured that I will be making future purchases from your website. Any company that would go to this length to take care of a customer, without the customer having to beg, is a GOOD COMPANY to do business with.

Thank you for your time and efforts.


Received the beer stein today and everything looked great. Thanks again.

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know both steins arrived today! Terrific. Thank you for the safe packaging and the terrific customer service. The beer stein will forever hold a place in my collection.

All the best and thank you again.


Just wanted to give a big thank you to you all for my recent purchase! I ordered my new beer stein on Wednesday at 1:30 and it was on my doorstep by 3:00 the next day - with only priority shipping!

I'm definitely pleased with all the service and selection I have received with your website. You guys will definitely have a repeat customer!

Thank you for everything!


I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the prompt attention to my order. I am sure I will be a frequent visitor to your website. You do have a wonderful collection of beer teins.

S. E.

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know both steins arrived today! Terrific. Thank you for the safe packaging and the terrific customer service.

All the best and thank you again.

I am pleased with this beer stein......it was a terrific buy.


Wow!!! I was sure it would take a day or 2 to process the order, and I needed it by Friday. You guys Rock!!

S. P.

Thanks for your help. That is exactly what happened. By the way, I received the three mugs my wife recently ordered in time for Christmas and am very happy with them. Again thanks a lot and have a happy new year.


We already received the order. Thanks for the great customer service.


Hurray! A Christmas miracle has happened - I have received the beer stein ! Thank you very, very much. Thank you for your attention to the clients, your understanding and your skill to solve problems in each particular non-standard situation.


P.S. Are you ready to repeat all the performance once again with a new order?

Thank you!!........ received my package this morning and it is amazing. You guys have been amazingly wonderful.......I have never received better customer service anywhere! I have recommended SteinCenter.com to everyone I know. You guys really know how to run a business. Thank you for everything!



I just received the two beer steins I ordered last week. They were very well packed, shipped and delivered extremely quickly, and are even nicer than pictured. Thank you for your exceptional service!

Thank you, your contribution is greatly appreciated!

The United German-American Committee

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