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German beer steins: Article 1134, 12 December 2005

German beer steins have always been a great gift and are treasured by the recipient. This is evident by the countless steins that have remained in families and have been handed down from generation to generation.

Now that you have decided on a beer stein as a gift, where should you buy it? Today's choices are endless. Many local and chain stores sell beer steins and with the advent of online shopping, there are thousands of places to shop for steins or mugs.

Local beer stein stores.

There are local stores in every city that offer beer steins. These traditional stores have the advantage of allowing you to put your hands on the product. However, most of these stores have a very limited selection and the cost to operate the store is clearly reflected in the retail price of the steins. It is not uncommon to find online store pricing 30 to 40 percent below these traditional stores.

Beer steins on-line.

Online shopping has advantages and disadvantages as well. Do a simple search in your favorite search engine for Beer Steins and note the thousands of pages that are returned. Of the many choices of online sites, there are a few good choices, but we believe that SteinCenter.com is the best source for German beer steins.

Beer steins from Steincenter.com.

The SteinCenter.com catalog has an extensive selection of German steins and mugs, but the selection is just one reason for buying your stein here. SteinCenter is family owned and operated. The owners began as stein enthusiasts in the mid 1970's and began selling steins in 1977. The steins presented by SteinCenter have been selected by people who are knowledgeable about German steins.

Beer steins are in stock not drop-shipped or backordered.

Another reason for selecting SteinCenter.com is that the beer steins and mugs are actually stocked and shipped by SteinCenter. In today's online market, many stores are retailers who sell many different items and do not stock them in-house. These stores offer products, take orders, and then have the items dropped shipped by suppliers. With SteinCenter you know the item is stocked by us when you place your order and it is shipped direct to you within 24 hours. At many of the other stores, your order is taken, but if the item is not in-stock your order will remain in a back-order status until the supplier can replenish their stock.

SteinCenter works directly with the many manufacturers.

SteinCenter also imports many of its products direct from the manufacturers in Germany. This direct relationship provides the buyer with the best possible pricing.


For you next beer stein purchase, visit SteinCenter.com.

SteinCenter's wide selection of quality German beer steins, in-stock availability and quick shipping, the lowest possible pricing, and a company run by stein enthusiasts, makes them the best place to buy German beer steins.

Prepared by the staff at SteinCenter.com

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