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German stein and mug FAQS at SteinCenter.com.

Mugs and steins in both our new and old stein catalogs, how the stein and mug selections are presented and why you should buy your stein, mug, or glasses at SteinCenter.

  1. What type products are sold on SteinCenter.com?

  2. Are the stein sold on SteinCenter in stock?

  3. How can I be sure that the stein I purchase is what I really wanted?

  4. How does the payment process work and is it safe?

  5. How and when will my stein or mug be shipped?

  6. Why should I buy steins or mugs from SteinCenter.com?

  7. What is Stein Collector's International (SCI)?

  8. How do I find more information on a stein or mug I have?

What type products are sold on SteinCenter.com?

SteinCenter.com offers both New beer steins from Germany and a collection of old, antique, and collectible steins. These steins are presented in two different catalogs: The "New Stein Catalog" contains the highest quality imported German beer steins. The "Old Stein Catalog" contains hundreds of old, antique, and collectible German beer steins. Both catalogs are well organized by type, theme, manufacturer, and other criteria to help you select the stein of your choice.


Are the steins sold on SteinCenter in stock?

All steins sold by SteinCenter are shipped from our warehouse. We do not take orders and then ship from suppliers who may or may not have the stein in-stock. Our in-house stock ensures your order will be filled promptly. Our website reflects whether you stein is in our out of stock. Unlike some other sites, we will not take your order unless we have the stein in stock.


How can I be sure that the stein I purchase is what I really wanted?

Each beer stein in our catalog listing is carfully described and has moth a small thumbnail picture and two larger pictures to help you decide on the stein that best meets your desires. If considering a purchase of old or collectible steins, we strongly encourage you to do some research first on the stein or the type of stein you are buying. You can review our "Stein History" page and find some helpful hints on stein collecting. We also offer some very good reference books on stein collecting. When in doubt, buy a stein you would enjoy by looks, theme, color, or style.


How does the payment process work and is it safe?

SteinCenter.com accepts most credit cards and checks for payment. The payment screens are easy to navigate and simple to use. Once you have entered the required information and submit the order, you will receive an email confirmation that we have received your order and another when your order is shipped. Your credit card will be billed within 1 day. The page in the ordering process that calls for you credit card number and expiration date is encrypted using the latest in SSL technology. Once you arrive at this page, note the lock on the bottom of your screen in the status bar. You will also note at this point the the page address has changed form "http://www..." to a secure address: https://.... We are dedicated to providing the highest level of security and privacy of your personal and financial information.


How and When will my purchase be shipped?

All steins shipped by SteinCenter.com are usually shipped within 24-48 hours. Shipping time depends on the shipping method you choose. Generally, USPS Priority shipments take 2-4 days. Unlike many other on-line stein stores, all steins sold from our online store are in-stock in our warehouse. So orders are processed quickly.


Why should I buy steins or mugs from SteinCenter.com?

There are several reasons why we believe you should consider SteinCenter.com to purchase your steins. We are a small family business and we strongly believe in customer support. We are also stein enthusiasts. We enjoy collecting and selling German Steins and have been doing so since 1977. We also pride ourselves in our in-stock selection of German beer steins. Many sites will take stein orders from customers and then back-order it from the factory or wholesaler. When you purchase a stein from our site, the beer stein is in-stock and sent to you quickly. We will continue to add new and old beer steins to our site and we will continue to ensure that each and every customer is completely satisfied.


What is Stein Collector's International (SCI)?

SCI was founded in 1965 as a non-profit collector-member operated organization dedicated to the study and understanding of the art, culture, and manufacture of beer steins, drinking vessels and related items, from antiquity to modern times. Over a 35 year history, their journal "Prosit", has published more than 3200 pages of articles about the hobby. Their website www.steincollectors.org was created to promote the hobby of stein collecting and to provide a source of information to collectors.


How do I find more information on a stein or mug I have?

SteinCenter.com offers many ways to learn about steins or to gain information or appraisals. The best place to start is at our Stein History Resource Page Hopefully, we have provided a one stop resource or the links for you to find just what you are looking for. We explain stein history, the different types of steins, and how to get more information about your stein.


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