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New German Steins and Gifts Catalog

View our quality selections of imported German beer steins and gifts. Our beer steins and mugs are selected for their high quality and affordable prices. Select your steins by type, theme, manufacturer, or style.

Our New beer steins and mugs are available in:
Pewter Steins, Stoneware Steins, Porcelain Steins, Glass Steins, and Mugs

New German Beer Stein Catalog:

Old / Antique/ and Collectible German Steins Catalog

Visit our catalog of old and collectible German beer steins. We have a wide selection of beer steins, mugs, and other items.

Our catalog is organized by stein type and manufacturer (if known). We usually have a large selection of steins. Mettlach Steins, Thewalt steins, Marzi-Remy Steins, Gerz Steins, Military Steins, Saltglaze Steins, Porcelain Steins and Pewter Steins.

Old German Beer Stein Catalog:

Personalized - Custom Made Mugs and Steins Information

Visit our information page on personalized - Custom Made German beer steins and mugs. We can design steins or mugs in a variety of sizes, material, and shapes with your logo or text information.

Perfect for organizations, companies, military units or events.

Personalized - Custom Made Beer Steins:

German Stein Collecting Books Catalog

For the German beer stein collector we have a selection of must-have books and reference materials on collecting beer steins and mugs.

If you are looking for a particular stein, need advice, or want to sell a stein or collection, contact us and we may be able to help you. But, if you plan to collect steins, the stein collecting books are a must.

Beer Stein Collectors books Catalog:

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