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How to Select a German Stein as a Gift

Gift beer steins: Article 1135, 18 December 2005

German steins are great gifts. There is a large variety of stein themes, styles, shapes, and manufacturers. With so many to choose from, there is no doubt there is a stein to please virtually anyone. But how do you select a German stein for someone?

How to start choosing a stein.

The first thing you must do is to consider the person you are buying for. That stein that you find attractive is a good choice for you and you should buy it for yourself. But remember, the gift you are shopping for is for someone else.

At SteinCenter we have found the choices narrow significantly as you ask yourself a few simple questions about the person you are buying for or what interests they have that makes a German beer stein a good gift choice.

Steins by location.

First, is the stein a good choice because of a relationship the person has to particular region or city in Germany?  Perhaps this is because of a well remembered vacation trip, or they lived in Germany. In this case, shopping for steins which relate to the region or city maybe a good choice.  See our steins organized by city, region or bycountry. Many German castles also directly relate to particular areas and are lasting memories of ones vacation to Europe. See our beer steins organized by German castles. If this does not resolve your choice, we suggest you then focus on the following ideas.

Other stein selection ideas to consider.

Steins by interest.

What are the interests, hobbies, or profession of the person you are buying for? German beer steins are available is so many themes, this process will usually resolve the task of choosing your gift. Here are some ideas of themes to help with the choice:

Beer steins by hobby.

What are their hobbies? Steins are available in hunting themes, fishing themes, bicycle themes, train themes, lovers or friendship themes, brewery themes, and many more. Visit our catalog organized by themes to help sort through the choices.

Stein by profession.

What is their profession? Although steins are not available in as many professions as hobbies or interests, there may be a beer stein that is a match for your gift giving needs. German steins are available for chemists, farmers, firefighters, lawyers, medical personnel, the military, musicians, pharmacists, postal, and many more. Browse these options in our new beer stein catalog .

Beer steins by themes.

What are their interests? Consider steins in in these themes to please many people. There are steins for dog owners, musical steins, many choices in wildlife themes, or sports. Sports steins are widely available in soccer, darts, bowling, golf, shooting, hiking, gymnastics, tennis, and many more. Each of these themes are available in our online catalog.

Blending a stein into the decor.

What is the decor of the room where the stein will be displayed? Steins make a wonderful addition to most any decor. Consider where the stein may be display and how it will fit in. In modern settings an art nouveau stein may work best. However, traditional steins seem to fit in anywhere. Fired clay or stoneware steins present a warm and traditional look and blend well with most furnishings. Porcelain or high quality glass steins can complement more elegant surroundings. Character steins are also good decorator choices in some cases. Each of these stein types are presented in our catalog.

How will the stein be displayed

Where will the stein be displayed? Simple question, but an important one. Is the stein going to be placed on a shelf or in a display case or cabinet? If so, will it fit? Avoid buying a 2 or 3 liter stein that is 14 inches tall if you know the shelf height is only 12 inches tall. Likewise, remember that larger steins or steins that are wider, can have a large diameter at the base and could hang out over the shelf. Further, consider light in your color choices. A well lighted room is fine for most steins, but a darker area will not properly showcase a dark colored traditional stoneware stein. In these cases porcelain or lighter colors may work best.

Beer stein manufacturers.

Is a new stein the best choice or is the choice of stein manufacturer important? These topics will be covered in future articles.

Still need help selecting your stein?

We at SteinCenter hope this information is helpful in choosing your gift. We advise you browse all of our steins from each of our catalogs in making your selection. If you are still not sure of which stein to purchase, contact us and we will be happy to help.

Prepared by the staff at SteinCenter.com

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