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New stein manufacturers: Article 1136, 16 February 2006

Beer Stein Manufacturers are plentiful and we often receive customer comments about selecting from the different stein makers. To some degree, we have resolved this concern by offering steins from only the highest quality manufacturers. We have developed our wide selection of high quality steins by selecting the best and long-standing manufacturers of German beer steins. Additionally, we have chosen manufacturers that are well know for quality and tradition in each stein style and make. So, no matter which type stein you choose, stoneware, glass, porcelain, or pewter, you are assured the highest quality available in an authentic German beer stein.

Our beer stein manufacturers of choice..

The stein manufacturers represented in our New Stein Catalog are well know and have a long tradition in making German beer steins. Although we will occasionally offer steins from other manufactures, the heart of out collection represents the following high-quality stein manufactures:

Our top stein list.

Zoller and Born
SKS Pewter
Von Poschinger

Traditional stoneware beer steins.

For many centuries German potters have produced highly detailed stoneware products. This long tradition is best reflected in the Thewalt series of steins. Thewalt has been associated with high quality handcrafted stoneware steins for over two hundred years and is today a premier manufacture of German beer steins. Thewalt remains a wise choice for quality gifts and is respected by collectors for their traditional German Steins.Merkelbach has a long history of traditional designs and unique in their use of saltglaze, Merkelbach steins are also handcrafted and hand-painted. Their saltglaze is distinctive and leaves a durable finish that complements the old traditional colors. Merkelbach stoneware steins are great choice. Zoller and Born is newer to the German beer stein market. However, they pride themselves in producing handmade, high quality steins that are based on traditional designs and themes. Zoller and Born steins are also very affordable while retaining the old world quality. With these three manufacturers, you are guaranteed authentic German made steins.

Porcelain steins.

Although most manufactures produce a wide range of steins, stoneware, glass, pewter, and porcelain, each has its strengths. You can find porcelain steins offered by all our manufactures, but our choice for the highest quality porcelain beer steins remains the Zimmerman company. Zimmerman has been producing highly detailed porcelain steins by skilled craftsmen for over 30 years. These steins are highly recommended and we are certain you will be pleased with their quality and design.

Pewter steins.

As mentioned above, many of the manufactures offer pewter German beer steins. Our recommendation for pewter steins is the Atrina/SKS Pewter company. There is no finer example of quality pewter steins on the market today. These hand-made steins are remarkable for their high level of relief. It is very difficult to truly appreciate the level of detail associated with SKS steins based on an on-line picture. Our customers consistently remark after receiving their stein that they are amazed by the quality and detail of these beer steins.

Glass steins and mugs.

There is a wide range of glass steins on the market today. Most are examples of simple brewery steins or inexpensive glass logo steins. These type steins are similar in quality and price across all manufacturers. However, our glass stein manufacturer of choice is Von Poschinger. Von Poschinger steins go well beyond the norm in glass steins. Each stein is handmade blown glass. Von Poschinger has been creating works of unique designs and an unsurpassed level of quality for hundreds of years. Each piece created by Von Poschinger is unquestionably a work of art. If you are shopping for the finest glass steins on the market today, Von Poschinger steins will not disappoint you.

Souvenir style steins.

If you are shopping for the souvenir or gift stein typically associated with German beer steins, there are two additional manufacturers to consider, The first is King-Werk. King-Werk steins are offered in a wide choice of limited editions and standard souvenir steins. Although King-Werk has only been producing steins since about 1949, they acquired original molds from other manufacturers dating back to the 19th century. These molds are now used to produce the KING Limitat series of limited edition traditional beer steins. Finally, Gerz steins have a long tradition in the stein market and today offers a broad selection of reasonably priced steins.

Still need help selecting your stein?

We at SteinCenter hope this information is helpful in choosing your gift. We advise you browse all of our steins from each of our catalogs in making your selection. If you are still not sure of which stein to purchase, contact us and we will be happy to help.

Prepared by the staff at SteinCenter.com.

Additional Information on the Manufacturers in this Article:

-Thewalt -Merkelbach -Zoller and Born -Zimmerman
-Atrina/SKS Pewter -Gerz -King-Werk -Von Poschinger

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