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For 150 years the Westerwald region of Germany has been home to the finest potters. The Westerwald has everything that they need: Clay/tone, water, wood, and skillful craftsmen. These resource provided the unmistakable and unique saltglaze. The process introduces the clay and salt in an open fire. The bonding process at temperatures of 1200 degrees produces the distinctive "saltglaze".

The firing of the clay and the salt in an open fire at high temperatures creates the unique saltglazed products of the Merkelbach Company.

The picture shows the steins in the open fire.

Merkelbach also manufactures limited editions and special orders steins. After the customers conceptual design is received, we handcraft the beer stein or jug. Steins, jugs, and cups, are produced with company logos, municipality coats of arms, association emblems or names, and many more.

Our skilled craftsmen hand paint each product to produce these special items for many for Companies and Communities

The saltglaze adds a unique quality to preserve the fresh taste of beer that is well know to coinsures. With Merkelbach, you count on the highest quality hand-painted and handcrafted steins, jugs, and cups.

Merkelbach produces exclusive beer steins in different styles and decorations. Our products are free of lead and cadmium and the saltglazed stoneware is suitable for daily use.

Today our steins are just as beautiful as decades ago.  Limited edition beer steins and jugs are produced by skilled artists as they have throughout the ages.

The timeless beauty of our historic Merkelbach art nouveau Collection. Each Art Nouveau product is limited and numbered.

The information contained on this page is provided with the permission of Merkelbach and was translated for the use of this site. Reproduction or other uses of this information or pictures is not permitted.

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