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The Westerwald region of Germany is renowned for the high quality of its substantial clay deposits, its extensive forests, and for highly skilled potters. For hundreds of years these factors have contributed to the production of quality stoneware products which have brought fame and prestige to the area for centuries.

The family owned company of Zoller and Born was founded in 1956 by Alois Zoller and Werner Born. In keeping with the long traditions of the Westerwald area, Zoller and Born began production of high quality, genuine German stoneware beer steins. The complete development of new stein designs and molds are accomplished by highly talented designer artists employed by the Zoller and Born company. Detailed relief steins are the specialty of Zoller and Born and each are hand painted and adorned with premium quality pewter lids making them attractive collector's items. Zoller and Born supplies beer steins world wide to more than 30 countries with a 35% export rate of total production.

  Made in Germany is an obligation to Zoller and Born with a guarantee to sell products of the highest quality.

For Zoller and Born it is everyday life. For the customer it becomes a special joy !

Each carefully manufactured stein passes through numerous stations before it is shipped to the customer.  From the early stages of development to the final product, each stein is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen to ensure the highest quality materials, authentic hand-painted colors, and techniques.

As soon as the design meets the approval of the designer and management for a new stein, the design is provided  to the stein model workshop. There the detailed mold is precision crafted.

The finished mold is now used to form the stoneware stein with the Westerwald regions highest quality clay. As the form hardens, the stein begins to take shape, the handle is applied, and the stein is trimmed by hand.

Subsequently each stein is placed in the dry room to dry for several days and is then ready for the under glazing.

The dried stein is now ready for the application of an under glaze.  The transparent glaze is hand applied and the stein is placed in the kiln for firing.  This process bonds and hardens the materials.  The stein then undergoes a slow controlled cooling to ensure the quality and consistency of the materials.

The stein is now hand painted with carefully selected enamel colors. 

Finally, the stein is completed by affixing a high quality, detailed, pewter lid, individually designed for each beer stein series.

The stein then undergoes the final quality control inspection and is packaged for shipment to the customer.

Below are a few examples of quality German beer steins produced by Zoller and Born:








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