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There is a tradition of glass in the Freiherr von Poschinger family. The Poschingers are one of the oldest families in Bavaria. The first "Poschinger" is mentioned in an official document as early as 1140. At the instructions of Duke Albrecht V, in 1547 the Poschingers were given a coat of arms, which is still used to this day. In 1568 the family acquired the Zadlershtte glassworks (Zwieselau) near Frauenau. This was the start of the history of the Poschingers as glassmakers and landowners in the Bavarian Forest, a history that still continues today.

In 1605 the family acquired the glassworks and land in Frauenau. Over the centuries the family had glassworks in Spiegeltte, Buchenau, Oberzwieselau and Theresienthal. The estate and glassworks in Frauenau were maintained as the only ones of their kind over the centuries. The glass factory is the oldest glassworks in the Bavarian Forest, with the oldest family tradition in the world. Glass from the Bavarian Forest flourished and achieved world renown with Classicism and then Jugendstil.

Glass is made from melting a mixture of quartz sand, soda, lime and potash at over 1400C, and is one of the oldest materials known to man.

Many well-known artists and designers have worked for the company, which deals with all corners of the world - Jean Beck, Peter Behrens, Joseph Maria Olbrich, Hans Christiansen, Georg Karl von Reichenbach, Richard Riemerschmid, and Karl Schmoll von Eisenwerth. In collaboration with the best glassmakers, they have created pieces of glass of the choicest quality.

Poschinger glasses has adorned the tables and residences of many kings' and princes' families. The von Poschinger glassworks were suppliers to the courts of the Bavarian and French kings. Even the Czar's court in St .Petersburg enjoyed the good drinking-glasses made in the Bavarian Forest. King Ludwig III of Bavaria and King Friedrich August III of Saxony spent a few days on the Oberfrauenau estate, went hunting in the forests, and visited the glass factory in Frauenau.

Special sets made of the finest crystal glass were designed and produced in the Poschinger works For their sparkling festivities. Poschinger glasses have been traveling round the world for centuries. They are part of the Zeppelins' exclusive equipment. An uncle of the family, together with Count Zeppelin, played a significant part in the development of the airplane. In the elegant lounges and restaurants on board many ocean and river steamers, glasses from the von Poschinger works formed part of the refined tableware. The numerous prizes awarded at international exhibitions have contributed greatly to the extraordinary renown of the Poschinger glasses. At the international World Exhibition in Paris in 1900, von Poschinger Jugendstil vases won the gold medal.

H.M. King Ludwig III of Bavaria on a visit to Frauenau

H.M. King Friedrich August III from Saxony on a visit to Frauenau

Along with Tiffany, Ltz and Galle, Poschinger still has the best reputation for Jugendstil glass in the world today. Von Poschinger glasses can be found in collectors' homes, in museums, and at international art auctions.

The estate, then as now, forms a unit consisting of the glass factory, agriculture, and forestry. The economic activities are marked by the landscape:

Poschinger glasses from Buchenau ca.1900

The soft and densely wooded mountain range of the Bavarian Forest as far as the border with Bohemia forms the "Green Roof" of Europe. In summer lush greenery and in winter endless snow. Cow and game-keeping all year round on the estate meadows and pastures, and the estate's own delicatessen and restaurant satisfy the desire for natural healthy food. This idyll appeals to many holiday visitors and those wanting to recharge their batteries. In comfortable holiday accommodation and natural forest huts they spend relaxing and varied days in the Bavarian Forest. This can include a visit to the Poschinger glass factory. Here more than 400 years of tradition helps the painstaking work of the craftsmen produce fine glasses, which are then decorated with engraving, grinding, and painting. Top-quality craftsmanship and fine art still produce individual pieces and unique works of art. Poshinger glass - expressing style and class .

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Below are a few examples of the fine --High Quality-- Glass Steins Produced by Von Poschinger:

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