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Appraisal Services

Our family members are leading experts in German Antique Beer Steins. We are called upon to appraise collections from many well respected Auction and antique houses. We offer this service for a low $25.00 fee to help cover our costs and make sure we are not flooded with spam and junk.  We hate that we must add this fee! However, it is necessary and can not be waived. 

 Steps for Appraisals

1. Fill out contact form (Below). In the notes section please notate any damage the stein that it may have.

2. Pay $25.00 non refundable appraisal fee (Only paid orders will be appraised) Select pick up at check out to avoid shipping charges.


Click Here for link to payment.

3. Send pictures front, side, handle, and bottom of stein. ( make sure to include lid) You can send these to or text them to 937-470-0625. Only paid orders will be answered. 

4. You will receive a report on your stein. This will include approx. year it was made, by whom it was made, present day value (fair market price)*, and options for sales routes (E.G. Our consignment, Ebay, our wholesale program, auction houses, etc.) **

* This is not an offer to purchase the stein for this price. This would be retail price if you chose to sell it yourself.

** We only appraise antique German steins. We do not appraise Budweiser, Avon or the like.  Some steins may only have sentimental value. 

*** Please allow 7 days for completion. 

   Contact Form 
(same name as payment information please)

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