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This is where to sell your beer steins!!
Do your beer steins have value?

We can help!!

We do not buy beer steins but we are experts in selling them

Our process is easy!

Email us quality photos of the front side and bottom of stein you would like to sell. We will tell you what it could fetch.

We list the stein for sale in our antique section.
When it sells we send you shipping information. 
Once we confirm delivery we pay you !!

Our fees are minimal and include a small set up fee and 20% of the sale. 

Want to sell your beer stein collection?
We can do that also!
Simply email a picture of the collection and we can sell it as a bundle.

We only sell antique (that's pre world war II in stein world) German beer steins in undamaged condition. 
If you are aren't sure.. That's ok we will take a look and let you know!
Visit our Appraisals page for more information. 

Get started to day clearing out those closets and shelves
Contact Landen today!!
He will be happy to explain the details and answer any questions.

One little footnote... If your items sells and you fail to ship it or it is not in the advertised condition we reimburse the customer and charge your account on file 10% of the list price to cover our payment fees. Thats all the fine print you will have from us;)


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