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                              Masskrugstemmen (Stein holding competition)

Masskrugstemmen is a Bavarian Sport and is generally played in groups. How one competes in a Masskrugstemmen is by holding a 1 liter Stein, of course filled with your choice of Hofbrau beer, with one arm, completely stretched out and parallel to the floor. You must hold the Stein as long as possible in this position.

Rules of play

  • The Masskrug is a 1 liter Hofbräu glass stein

  • The Masskrug is filled with 1 liter of Hofbräu beer to the mark. The combined weight of Stein and Beer is approx. 5.4 pounds.

  • The Masskrug is to be held with one arm, left or right, stretched out in front of the body (not sideways!), and completely parallel to the floor.

  • Your thumb cannot be on top of handle. Opposite arm must be straight down not supporting your body in any way.

  • The stein must be held by the handle. It CANNOT be held through the handle hoop, or by the actual body of the stein.

  • The Hofbräu logo must always face towards the front of the contestant (away from the contestant) and towards the audience.

  • The contestant may not wear any form of artificial support on his/her arm, elbow, wrist, hand or back, including taping or bandaging the k for the competition.

  • The contestant may also not wear a back brace during the competition.

  • Any powder, pine tar or similar substances on the hands are also forbidden.

  • There is no switching of hands once the competition has started.

  • If the arm holding the Masskrug is not absolutely parallel to the floor, the contestant gets a warning, the yellow card – after two warnings follows disqualification, the red card.


                   Any spilling of beer is an automatic disqualification

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