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The market strategy of Gerz is to preserve the tradition and art associated with its founder and to strengthen itself to meet modern business challenges.

Through mismanagement in the 1990's the well known GERZ organization fell into bankruptcy and was liquidated.

The current Simon Peter GERZ company was newly established in Hillscheid and has taken appropriate measures to revitalize the GERZ collection and establish modern international market strategies. With strong partners in the Westerwald, market-driven steins are produced today with modern techniques and designs while preserving the old traditions of the company and region. Production by skilled artists once again place the mark of the "pitcher in the triangle" in a powerful position in the international stein market.

A few samples of The progression of the GERZ mark can be organized in four periods: the first phase from 1857 to the First World War was a period of growth. In this period, the company developed the essential experience to overcome the future periods marked with crisis and to secure the position of the GERZ company.

The second period encompassed the First and Second World Wars and the economic crises in the intervening years. The business operations at that time fell into considerable economical difficulties.

In a third period, beginning in 1942, the business was acquired by the Poppinghaus family. After the Second World War, the firm was able to rapidly improve and expand its market position, and modernize its designs while maintaining tradition.

With the transition into the fourth period and further change in the management, the company was sold. However the company was able to reestablish itself with its well known mark and traditions, and position itself for the future.

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