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3/4 Liter, 11" Tall. Baltic Sea Stein. This stein features the countries of the Baltic Sea, represented by flags around the base and architectural highlights around the body. Richly-detailed and colorfully hand-painted scenes display the Hallgrimskirkja in Reykjavik, Iceland; the Victoria Terrasse in Oslo, Norway; St. Mary's Cathedral in Gdansk, Poland; Copenhagen Cathedral, Denmark; Helsinki Cathedral, Finland; Church of the Savior, St. Petersburg, Russia; St. Nicholas Church, Tallinn, Estonia; and the St. James's Church, Stockholm, Sweden. The multi-domed pewter lid is adorned with intricate relief decorative banding.

Hand-crafted in Germany by King-Werk.

Perfect unique gift for travel enthusiasts, collectors, or historians.

Excellent striking centerpiece addition to your home bar or liquor cabinet.

Baltic Sea Stein can be either blue or tan rings all handcrafted

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