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1 Liter, 11" tall. Draft Horse Beer Wagon Stein.  This Oktoberfest themed stein is richly detailed and colorfully hand-painted. The center front features a proud team of draft horses, pulling a beer wagon, under the Oktoberfest banner. The Munich Hofbrauhaus is featured on one side panel, complete with balconies and window boxes. The beer wagon appears on the opposite side panel with a full load of beer kegs within and a driver surrounded by a wreath archway. Also presented are a traditionally dressed German couple, in Lederhosen and Dirndl, and a colorful array of banner flags. The pewter mountings and thumblift support a multi-domed pewter lid with intricate relief banding.

Hand-crafted in Germany by Zoeller & Born.

Perfect unique gift for collectors, horse lovers, Oktoberfest enthusiasts, or beer drinkers.

Excellent centerpiece addition to your home bar or liquor cabinet.

Draft Horse Beer Wagon Stein

SKU: 1915-906
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