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2 liters, 13" tall. Glass Boot for "Das Boot" drinking game. Body is decorated with an Imperial German Eagle and German flags. The Imperial German Eagle originates from an emblem believed to have been used by Charlemagne, the first Frankish ruler crowned Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope in 800 A.D., and was derived from the Eagle Standard of the Roman army.

Made in Germany by Gerz.

The beer drinking game Das Boot..Play at your own risk. Drink Responsibly. 

These are a few rules that are widely accepted by Boot beer drinkers:

  • The boot can never touch the table until empty.
  • Before you drink, you must flick the glass with your finger. You must flick the glass again after you drink, before passing the boot to the next person.
  • You must always drink from the boot with the toe facing up.
  • If you get splashed in the face with beer you must drink again.
  • The person that drank from the boot immediately preceding the person that empties the boot, must buy the next boot of beer.
  • If you break rules 2-4 you must drink again.

Never clink Das Boot with other glassware or slam it on the table – it will break!

Glass Boot For "Das Boot" Drinking Game.. Details in Description

SKU: 01-19-60459
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