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3/4 liter, 11" Tall.  Holland Beer Stein. This traditional style, cobalt relief stein features Holland, the Netherlands, in colorfully hand-painted design. The center front depicts a typical windmill and a Dutch maiden framed in tulip flowers. One side panel features cityscape scenes of Volendam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Valkenburg. The opposite side panel displays scenes from Rotterdam, The Hague, and Delft. Pewter mountings and thumblift support the multi-domed pewter lid which is adorned with intricate-relief decorative banding.

Hand-crafted in Germany by King-Werk.

Perfect unique gift for world travel enthusiasts, collectors, historians, and/or beer drinkers.

Excellent addition to your home bar or liquor cabinet, or ready for travel with you to your favorite tavern.

Holland Beer Stein

SKU: 1002 hrug
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