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1 liter, 12" tall. Bavarian Maypole Beer Stein. A Bavarian Maypole is the centerpiece of this stein, with traditional themes in detail relief on the "branches". The side panels feature the Bavarian Crest framed by vining Edelweiss flowers. The turned pewter lid displays intricate relief banding.

The Maypole has various traditions throughout Germany and Europe. In Germany and Austria, the Maypole (or Maibaum) is a tradition going back to the 16th century as a decorated tree or tree trunk. In the Rhineland, in and around Cologne, there exists a somewhat different Maypole tradition. During the night before May 1st, unmarried men erect young birch trees in front of the houses of their sweethearts. These trees, which may reach five meters of height or more, are sold beforehand by local foresters. The men usually decorate them with multi-colored crepe papers, and often with a red heart of wood, displaying the name of the girl. During the month of May, many house-front gardens have such Maypoles.

In Bavaria, the Maibaum is erected several weeks before May 1st. The young men from the villages try to steal the Maibaum from another village, which is why the men of each village or city take turns in watching over the Maibaum. If a village manages to steal a Maibaum, then the village it has been stolen from has to invite the entire village of the thieves to free beer and a festivity which then takes place on May 1st.

Hand-crafted in Germany by Zoeller & Born.

Perfect unique gift for collectors, beer drinkers, or decorative art lovers.

Excellent addition to your home bar or liquor cabinet.

Bavarian Maypole Beer Stein

SKU: 1525-406
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