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6" tall. Pewter Wedding Cup. This cup features richly-detailed pewter relief design. The polished rim at the base is suitable for engraved personalization.

The legend of the Wedding Cup: A nobleman's daughter fell in love with a goldsmith. Her father didn't approve and brought forth many rich suitors for consideration and imprisoned the goldsmith. When the daughter grew ill of health for mourning her lost love, the nobleman proposed that if the goldsmith could create a chalice that could be drank from by two people at the same time without spilling a single drop, he would release the goldsmith and they would be married. The nobleman thought this to be an impossible task, however, the goldsmith's skill and creativity produced the Wedding Cup. And so the marriage was blessed.

Hand-crafted in Germany by Artina.

Perfect unique gift for weddings or anniversaries.

Excellent centerpiece addition to your home bar. Many will try, few will succeed !!

Pewter Wedding Cup

SKU: 10335
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