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3/4 liter Red Baron Stein with Triplane Finial. Very detailed scene depicts the famous Red Baron and his first Triplane. The pewter lid and finial are a marvel of detail. An inscription describing the dangers of the skies, reads "Donner, Hagel Mord & Blitz" (Thunder, Hail, Death, and Lightening) on the banner of the lid rim. A beautifully detailed pewter eagle thumblift completes the artistry detail.

Limited Edition and Numbered. Hand-crafted in Germany by Zoeller and Born.

The stein inscription reads: 

"Hoher als die Wolken fliegen und den starksten Feind besiegen"

(Flying higher than the clouds and defeating your strongest foe).

Perfect gift for your favorite aviator, historian, collector, or art lover.

Striking centerpiece for your home bar or art collection. 


Red Baron Stein with Triplane

SKU: 1942-9015
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