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1 Liter, 12" tall. United States Marine Corps Stein. This stein is produced in richly detailed and colorfully hand-painted design. The center front pictures two Marines, in period uniforms, standing before the Marine Crest - "Eagle, Globe, and Anchor". One side panel displays banners stating "Birthplace of the Few, the Proud" and "Tun Tavern Nov. 10, 1775" framing a depiction of the tavern where the first recruitment took place. The opposite side panel displays a banner stating "Semper Fi", meaning "Always Faithful", the Marine Corps motto. Above that banner is a colorful and detailed depiction of the raising of the U.S. flag at Iwo Jima. The pewter mountings and thumblift support a domed pewter lid, embossed with stars, and a pewter finial of the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor Marine Crest.

Hand-crafted in Germany by Zoeller & Born.

Perfect unique gift for the Marine in your life, military enthusiasts, collectors, or beer drinkers.

Striking centerpiece addition to your home bar or liquor cabinet.

United States Marine Corps Stein

SKU: 1945-9013
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