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The Thewalt History

Thewalt was founded in 1893 and was the oldest beer stein factory in Hhr-Grenhausen in the Westerwaldnd region.  The company ws operated by the Thewalt family until its closing in 2010   The company  offered a  large variety of steins in different lines, shapes and sizes, produced by skilled craftsmen for the local market as well as for export around the world.  The Thewalt collection includes a large selection of  high-quality products: Traditional steins, limited editions, gift items, souvenir steins, custom-made steins, and many others.

Albert Jac. Thewalt GmbH

Company History and Information: (Provided by Albert Jac. Thewalt GmbH)

The THEWALT COMPANY has a long history.

The Thewal Family.

When the founder, Albert Jac.Thewalt started his own stoneware factory in 1893, he was following a long family tradition. His father and his grandfather were also potters and beer stein makers since 1781. His grandson with the same name (Albert Jac. Thewalt) managed the company through it closing in 2010 and continued to manufacture steins in small numbers until his passing in Jan 2021.

Thewalt Designs.

In 1897 through 1914 Albert Thewalt employed the famous Wilhelm Kamp, who designed nearly 800 steins. These steins, which to a great extent, are still in production today, can be found in the Thewalt "Traditional Old German Steins" series. The designs on these steins are for the most part based on the paintings by the famous Tyrolese artist Franz von Defregger (1835 - 1921).

After World War II, beer stein design and manufacturing was reborn but not without change. New molds, new shapes and new motifs, designed by Cesare Cardinale, were created and were now produced using modern and more efficient equipment, but still produced in the high quality old German tradition.

Thewalt's Quality is Well Known.

Craftspeople of the Thewalt Stein Company produced over 75,000 pieces annually for individuals and collectors all over the world. Thewalt beer steins are available in many lines for gift-purposes, collectors, and for beer stein lovers. Handcraftsmanship and excellent quality remain Thewalt's secret of success. Simply to be the best, that's the mission of the Thewalt company.

Thewalt Update:

Albert J. Thewalt announced that the Thewalt company would end it's production of beer steins in 2009/2010. Thewalt steins may still be available in wholesaler and steinCenter inventories for a short period of time. These steins may also be available by other manufacturers as Thewalt transfers or sells molds of their popular steins.

In late 2009 Albert Thewalt produced a limited quantity "Final Edition" stein to mark the end of over 117 years of Stein production. This stein represented the high quality tradition of the Thewalt company. The stein was based on the "Gambrinus" or "King of Beer" stein which was a 1 liter, 12 inch tall, cobalt, hand-painted, relief beer stein. The stein featured a heavy turned pewter lid with pewter crown. Signifying the end of the Thewalt era, each stein was marked "2009 Last Production, Albert J. Thewalt, 09-01-2009" and each stein was personally signed by "Albert Jacob Thewalt".

Although this popular limited edition stein was limited to 10,000 bodies produced, we understand that less than 50 of final production steins were marked "2009 Last Production, dated, and signed by Albert Thewalt.

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