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High Quality Porcelain German Beer Steins.

 Zimmerman has been manufacturing beer steins in porcelain and crystal glass for over 30 years. Zimmerman uses traditional processes pure porcelain, traditional colors and high quality pewter. The decorative steins are manufactured and polished by hand. These steins, made by skilled craftsman, are high quality and highly desired by collectors.


  For over three decades Zimmerman craftsmen have produced traditional first-class beer steins. The motives are manufactured in complex silk-screen printings with genuine porcelain colors and applied by hand on the porcelain bodies.
The decorated porcelain steins are fired at 800C in the kiln. At this temperature the applied colors merge with the outside porcelain layer of the stein. The process takes several days and afterwards the colors are firmly bonded to the surface.


 In the pewter foundry the pewter lids are poured to the handles and adapted carefully. The application and polishing of the lid is done by hand ensuring the lid is fitted to perfection.
Each beer stein is inspected before shipping guaranteeing the highest quality stein for each customer.
Our extensive assortment of over 350 beer steins offers a diverse selection of steins and lids in traditional designs. All our steins are high quality, handcrafted, and are highly detailed.


Here are a few examples of Their quality Porcelain German steins


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zimmerman 1.jpg
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zim 13.jpg
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